Friday 6 December 2013

Who's that girl?

H&M Top & Skirt (similar here and here) / Topshop Bag (similar in pink here)/ Primark Heels love these)

No it's not JESS this time, but ME! I turned into my preppy alter ego and created a very girly, incredibly feminine outfit, including the obligatory striped top a la New Girl to celebrate the release of Season 2 with Zalando, of my all time favorite show! I am serious guys, I can probably cite you every episode and I'm not even joking. Apart from starlet Zooey Deschanel being ridiculously funny (let's not be in denial we all love her singing to herself ADMIT IT!), I am also very much love with her sense of style. No one does bold colored and printed dresses quite as Jess does! Combine that with a perfectly cut fringe, glasses now and then and a quirky personality and you have the perfect weirdo (see the pun here.. intended) whom anyone just has to love and wanna hang out with! You will always see Jess in flats, however I opted for heels for a more festive look, also remembering the rather few episodes Jess stepped up her game in Cece's black dress paired with some heels or the time she dated 'the old rich guy' Nick was secretly in love with HA!

So what do you think? Would Jess approve?
I must admit, I honestly can not live without the show and always prepare myself like an excited little child, with a cup of green tea and sweets for when the next episode is coming on! If you are a New Girl freak (and that's a compliment) like me make sure to check out Zalando's New Girl inspired fashion page, a style guide for every girl in love with Jess' style! You'll find all the cute preppy dresses your New Girl-ish heart might desire! So what are you waiting for?!

photos by Morgane Lay

P.S to all my fellow New Girl addicts!



  1. Oh wow, I've never seen you dressed so girly! You look absolutely dashing ^_^ even though I'm not a fan of "New girl" I really like this outfit!

  2. Absolutely love this outfit on you. The colours are so bright and the photos are really gorgeous. Really beautiful look. xx


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